Richard Dolan


When Geoff Hardy met Richard Dolan he wasn't to know that he was meeting his future son-in-law and CEO of Wines by Geoff Hardy, but that is exactly how it turned out.

Before joining Wines by Geoff Hardy in 2011, Richard worked for 20 years in financial services, including five years as National Operations Manager at Elders Financial Planning. Since taking on the role of CEO at Wines by Geoff Hardy, he has played an essential part in the company’s substantial growth and expansion into new domestic and international markets. This includes significant profit growth and a 280% growth in total revenue, as well as establishing new markets in China, India and other south-east Asian and European countries.

A Yorkshireman by birth and an Australian by choice, Richard, who migrated to Australia as an international student in 2002, holds both an undergraduate degree in International Studies and a Master’s Degree in Business.


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